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julydragan: About Today

julydragan: About Today

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‘About today’ is an exhibition of drawings I have been creating daily throughout 2022. However, to me it is way more than a series of daily drawings – it is an image diary, a recollection of stories, people, emotions and feelings I have experienced last year. 

A story that started to me as an experiment became a daily art meditation, a guide to my inner transformations. People might recognize themselves – it is still very tempting to hide some thoughts or conceal feelings – as if some are better to remain untold. Still, whether it is an unplanned love confession or an anxiety attack, the wildfires or the power of the ocean, fulfilling love for the world or a desire to stay inside a shell – all of it is shown through this collection.

Architecture student, artist & amateur photographer.
Currently studying Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology with a deeper interest in Architecture. Enjoying painting, photography and theater.

Vrijdag 3 maart: Opening om 15.00 uur
Vrijdag 3 t/m zondag 5 maart: van 12.00 tot 18.00 uur
Maandag 6 maart: van 12.00 tot 17.00 uur.


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03-03-2023 ; 12:00 tot
06-03-2023 ; 17:00


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